Raising Funds

Like all parish churches St. John’s is entirely self supporting. The majority of the funds we need to maintain and develop the mission and ministry of the Church within the community come from the regular and generous support of our congregation.

You’ll find a collection plate near the entrance. If you pay tax, we can recover that on whatever you give if you fill in a pink (gift aid) envelope.

We also generate income from fees for weddings and funerals and from the rental of offices above the St. John’s Centre on Fiddlers Lane.

On this page you can find details of other ways you can help support the work we do.

200 Club

The 200 Club is a great way for the Church to raise funds and like the lucky winners last year, you might too!

The fee remains at £10 a year which entitles members to THREE EXTRA FREE draws. Each month there is a draw with three prize winners. The actual prize money does depend on the numbers of members but last year it was £25 for first prize, £10 for second and £5 for third. There is also an extra cash prize at Christmas.

Complete your application form and return it with £10 to Church to be in time for the next draw. Each member is given a membership card & number. Last year 99 people joined. Try to encourage friends and family to join too. Let’s try to double the membership (and prizes). Not only are the odds much better than winning the lottery but the money also goes to a local cause close to our hearts.

200 Club application forms are available from the Church.

Altar Flowers

Marjorie Jones compiles a list of those that wish to pay for altar flowers for any Sunday of the year. If you wish to reserve a specific date please contact her through the Church. There will be a box at the back of Church for donations towards Christmas flowers. These will then be distributed to the sick or housebound. If you would like someone to receive flowers please let Marjorie know.

Book of Remembrance

We also have a Book of Remembrance in which names of loved ones are entered on the anniversary of their death. Each Sunday the names for the week are included in the service sheet. If you wish to have a name entered in the book, please complete the application form and return it to the Vicarage with the fee of £10.

Book of Remembrance application forms are available from the Church.

Subscriptions to Contact

Contact is the church magazine and is produced ten times per year. You can subscribe to Contact at an annual cost from only £5.

Contact subscription application forms are available from the Church.


Advertise in Contact

You can advertise your business in Contact. Prices range From £35 to £165 per year. Please contact the Vicar to discuss your requirements.

Please support your Church and help maintain
it for today and future generations.