Information for Schools

St. John’s always welcomes visits from our local schools. For more information please contact us.

There are opportunities during the year for the schools in the parish to join with us in worship, at Harvest or at the annual Education Sunday Service, which is held each February.

What is the Church for?

Church is where Christians gather together to worship God.

Worship is lots of different things but it is how we tell God how great he is and how much we love him and where we hear how much God loves us.

Church Plan

St John’s Church

In worship Christians:

Sing hymns

Hymns are special songs where we tell God how much we love him. The words often tell us how much God loves us.


Prayer is talking and listening to God, sharing good things and problems, thanking him, asking for help, enjoying his friendship.

Listen to the bible being read

The bible tells us about God and is full of stories which we can enjoy and remember. Our leader also helps us to understand the stories and what they tell us about God.

Share Holy Communion together

We come together at this special meal to share bread and wine and to remember all that Jesus did for us, especially that he died on the cross and gave his body and blood for us.

Enjoy being together

We are part of the same Church family and we are all God’s children. It is good to spend time together to show that we love and care for one another.