Baptisms and Weddings

Bookings for Baptisms and Weddings are taken on a Thursday evening (7pm – 8pm) at the Vicarage.


Baptisms are possible for those who live in Irlam.  Baptisms usually take place on the second Sunday of each month at either 12:30pm or 2:00pm although additional dates can be booked in exceptional circumstances.

Click here for more information on the baptism service.


If one of you lives in, or has connections with Irlam (for instance, if you or your parents have lived here at some time since you were born), you can almost certainly be married in the church.

Click here for more information on the wedding service.

We do take weddings of those who are divorced.

For both weddings and baptisms, if you live in the parish you do not need to attend church before hand, though we would very much hope that you would want to.

To book a baptism or wedding, please come to the Vicarage between 7 and 8pm on almost any Thursday. ¬†If this isn’t possible, please contact us.